Our History

Professional Psychotherapy Associates, a Brief History

history1Professional Psychotherapy Associates was founded in 1984 in order to provide this area with a variety of mental health services in a private practice setting. We began in a historic home located on the corner of Morgan and Devonia streets in Harriman, three doors down from Roane Medical Center. The medical community and hospital were highly supportive in their referrals of individuals experiencing many forms of personal distress and psychological conditions. From the beginning, we were able to provide integrated care in addressing needs in a psychologically and medically informed manner suited to the unique personal needs and wishes of our patients. In addition, members of our practice became involved with many community resources in providing consultation services to the schools, social service agencies, the developmentally disabled, law enforcement, attorneys, area employers, and the court system.


With the support of the area’s medical profession and the community at large, PPA had to expand in order to meet the service needs requested. Therefore, the construction of its current office overlooking Watts Bar Lake in Kingston was undertaken. Patient privacy and comfort, along with practice efficiency, were our foremost considerations in the design and construction of the building (and they still are). We have been at our current location since 1990 and serve people who live in Roane, Cumberland, Anderson, Knox, Loudon, Rhea, Meigs, and Putnam counties (and sometimes others).

As you can gather from reading about each of us under the “Practitioners” menu, a broad range of services are provided here. Our work most often begins with a scheduled meeting in which concerns and difficulty are discussed in a conversational, professionally-informed manner.

Through this dialogue, goals and objectives are agreed upon and a plan to achieve them is proposed.